About Us —

The choices we make should help us feel balanced and alive, the spaces we dwell in should do the same. Here at prop.erty we encourage everyone to engage in a mindful way of living by offering pre loved goods with original wares, beautiful botanicals and culinary inspiration.

/property/: a thing or things belonging to someone; possessions collectively
— Oxford Dictionary of English

Meet the founder —

Rochelle Fisher

Rochelle Fisher

I am alway conscious about how a space makes me feel. In my personal space I aim to establish a certain equilibrium with the things I choose to have around me. I am an avid believer in ‘less is more’, and with overconsumption presenting cause for concern, the things we choose to own should impart meaning and yield function. This is evident in my desire too curate pre loved wares. It is my aim to present second hand goods in a refined fashion, placing as much value on them as new items.

As a photographer, stylist and co-owner of two cafes Rochelle draws on a unique skill set to bring prop.erty to life. ‘‘All the things I love come together in this project.’’